KŠD LEGAL advokátní kancelář, s.r.o.

KŠD LEGAL is one of the traditional law firms that has been successfully active on the markets of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, with its own branch in Bratislava, for the long time.

KŠD LEGAL was established in 1999 with the business name KLEIN ŠUBRT DOŠKOVÁ by leading Czech lawyers JUDr. Jana Došková, JUDr. Bohuslav Klein, and JUDr. Rudolf Šubrt. In 2015, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the merger of the law firm KLEIN ŠUBRT DOŠKOVÁ and the law firm of brothers Jan Šťovíček and Petr Šťovíček, since that time, KŠD LEGAL has been the most dynamically developing Czech law firm with the broad portfolio of legal services provided.

In January 2019, KŠD LEGAL celebrated 20 years of its successful existence. This extraordinary length of operation of the law firm on the Czech market symbolizes the long-term commitment and the high level of reliability, confidence, and reputation of legal services provided and successful assistance with business plans of our clients, as well as the protection and enforcement of our clients’ interests. The “KŠD” brand as the legacy to names of its founders symbolizes the long-term tradition and continuity of our law firm.

While maintaining the highest level of expertise of its lawyers, KŠD LEGAL is highly competitive law firm in all aspects. Excellent legal expertise, custom made complex services bases on the client’s instruction or the flexibility of our solutions are values that have lifted us to the glory in the prestigious ranking “Czech Leading Law Firm” and in other national and international professional rankings. However, we do not rest on our laurels as we continue broadening the portfolio of our legal services.

Clients of the law firm KŠD LEGAL are leading businessmen, national and international business companies active in the areas of information technology and telecommunication, power industry, building industry, mining industry, agriculture, tourism, etc. Czech and foreign banks, ministries, administrative authorities or local authorities, sports organisations, sports clubs, or individual athletes.

We provide legal services in all main sectors and focus on newly developing areas of businesses in our practice.

The individual members of the legal team of KŠD LEGAL have expertise in the relevant legal regulation of the specific sector, but also practical experience in business of the relevant sector and its specific characteristics. Therefore, outcomes of our work provide optimum legal solutions with great added value for practical application by our clients.

We are the Official Provider of Legal Services

for the Autoclub of the Czech Republic and the Association of Regions of Czech Republic.