KŠD and Art

Since its establishment, KŠD has been walking hand in hand with fine art. Although legal work is very diverse and interesting, we certainly cannot disregard the aesthetic value of our workplace and have our offices fit out as ordinary office premises with rather empty reproduced paintings or fittings of uniform interiors, which is, unfortunately, quite common phenomena. As a place where our colleagues and clients spend a significant amount of time, our offices should also inspire, promote relaxation, keep perspective, and bring energy for further work. It is the mission of fine art, and with its incorporation in our offices, we attempt to create a modern multipurpose art gallery ambience.

When you enter our offices, you cannot miss two large-format paintings by Václav Bláha, It’s Raining Blue and It’s Raining Red that have been shown at exhibitions of this artist from the 12/15 Better Late Than Never Group. Then, in front of the reception desk, on the right side and the left side, as a gate, two sculptures stand - Baby Deer Ibex and Natural History - classics of the legendary surrealist and film director Jan Švankmajer, the winner of Golden Bear from Berlinale and several Czech Lions, who, as one of the few contemporary Czech artists, has received awards abroad. Next to the reception desk you see our Homegrown no. I “cactus”, which is made from tens of cans by Krištof Kintera, one of the most progressive artists and performers, or on the other side of the reception desk, where a strange creature with horns stands - He, Well Hidden – a sculpture, created by the same artist from basketballs, which was shown at an exhibition in Rotterdam in 2015.

When you enter our offices, you find yourself in our inspiring and insightful world where offices, meeting rooms, and art exhibitions blend in one all-encompassing ambience.

Come and visit us in our offices surrounded by works of art, in our uplifting environment, together with us, you will gain energy and inspiration for solutions of the most complex cases.