Payroll Management and HR Management Services

KŠD ECONOMIC provides all services related to payroll administration of the client.

It involves calculations of salaries, including taxes, social security payments and health insurance payments for employees, statutory records on payroll and maintaining records on social and health insurance.

Absolute confidentiality regarding payroll administration is a matter of course.

Services provided in the area of payroll also include:

  • Complete salary payment systems according to client requirements
  • Legal consultations in the area of labour law, social security and health insurance
  • Assistance to foreign employees seconded to the Czech Republic with the preparation of income tax return in accordance with the Czech legislation or, alternatively, the preparation of tax returns for foreign employees; ongoing tax advisory services in the area of optimizing social and health insurance
  • Review and potential optimization of a payroll scheme applied and other employee benefits; information on benefits of supplementary pension and life insurance benefits for individual employees, including the assessment of tax implications for the employer